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Venue: Atrium – Second Floor [clear filter]
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Friday, March 15

7:00am PDT

Poster Presentation Session: Basic & Clinical Science (51-95) Atrium – Second Floor PO051: Correlation Of Optic Nerve Head And Peripapillary Microvasculature With Nailfold Capillary Measurements In Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Patients Atrium – Second FloorMarissa K Shoji BA PO052: Evaluation Of Automated, Telecommunication--Based Glaucoma Medication Dosing Reminders Linkedto An Electronic Health Record Atrium – Second FloorVarshini Varadaraj MBBS MPH PO053: Modified Goldmann Prism Intraocular Pressure Measurement Accuracy And Corneal Biomechanical Correction: Multi-Center Randomized Clinical Trial Atrium – Second FloorSean J Mccafferty MD MS FACS PO054: Association Between Sleep Parameters And Glaucoma In The United States Population: 2005-2008 National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey Atrium – Second FloorMary Qiu MD PO055: CAREDS2 Glaucoma Study: Methods For Identifying Glaucoma In A Large Prospective Observational Cohort Of Older Women From The Women's Health Initiative Atrium – Second FloorYao Liu MD PO056: Associations Of Pattern Electroretinogram And Humphrey Visual Field In Preperimetric Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorBenny Wong BS PO057: Evaluating The Effects Of Negative Pressure Goggles On Pattern Electroretinography In Ocular Hypertensive, Glaucoma Suspect, And Mild Open-Angle Glaucoma Patients Atrium – Second FloorJeremy Kudrna MS BS PO058: Machine Learning For Analysis And Prediction Of Glaucoma Clinic Visit Length And Provider Interaction Times Using Secondary Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data Atrium – Second FloorDavid S Sanders MD MPH PO059: Prognostic Factors For Central Visual Field Progression In The Advanced Glaucoma Progression Study Atrium – Second FloorKouros Nouri-Mahdavi MD MS PO060: Intraocular Pressure Changes After Cataract Surgery In Patients With And Without Glaucoma: An Informatics-Based Approach Atrium – Second FloorSophia Y Wang MD PO061: Glaucoma Care In The Prisoner Population At A Tertiary Care Institution Atrium – Second FloorLevi N Kanu MD PO062: Negative Pressure Applied To The Periocular Microenvironment Anterior To The Orbital Rim To Lower Intraocular Pressure Atrium – Second FloorRussell J Swan MD PO063: Current Trends In Tonometry And Tonometer Tip Disinfection Among Glaucoma Specialists Atrium – Second FloorAnna K Junk MD PO064: Novel And Semi-Automated 360O Degree Gonioscopic Anterior Chamber Angle Imaging In Under 60 Seconds Atrium – Second FloorYue Shi MD PhD PO065: Correlation Between Intraocular Pressure And Angle Configuration Measured By Optical Coherence Tomography: The Chinese American Eye Study Atrium – Second FloorBenjamin Xu MD PhD PO066: Comparison Of Long-Term Outcomes Of Trabeculectomy With Polyvinylpyrrolidone Collagen Versus Trabeculectomy With Mitomycin C In Primary Open Angle Glaucoma. 36-Month Follow-Up. Atrium – Second FloorDaniela Alvarez-Ascencio MD PO067: Detecting Narrow-Angles And Angle-Closure Glaucoma Using Real-Time Mobile Tele-Ophthalmology In At-Risk Populations Atrium – Second FloorBenjamin Whigham MD PO068: The Value Of The Spaeth/Richman Contrast Sensitivity (SPARCS) Test In Predicting Glaucoma Progression Atrium – Second FloorGeorge L Spaeth MD PO069: New Elastin Tissue Associations In Exfoliation Syndrome: The Utah Project On Exfoliation Syndrome (UPEXS) Atrium – Second FloorBarbara Wirostko MD PO070: Glaucoma-Associated Optineurin Gene Mediates Cellular Antioxidant Activity Atrium – Second FloorJames H Powers BS PO071: Correlation Between Retinal Vessel Density And Retinal Sensitivity In Low-Tension Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorSheena Song BA PO072: Eye-Drop Abstinence In Glaucoma Patients Admitted To The Hospital Service: A Single Institution Assessment Atrium – Second FloorTavish Nanda MD PO073: Vision-Related Task Performance, Vision-Related Quality Of Life, And Clinical Measures In Patients With Glaucoma In South India Atrium – Second FloorChelsea L Reighard MD MS PO074: Evidence Based Criteria For Determining Optic Nerve Head OCT Reliability Atrium – Second FloorJithin Yohannan MD MPH PO075: Sectorwise Visual Field Simulation Using Optical Coherence Tomographic Angiography In Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorLiang Liu MD PO076: Guidance Of Retinal Ganglion Cell Axon Growth Using Electrical Fields For Optic Nerve Regeneration Atrium – Second FloorKimberly K Gokoffski MD PhD PO077: Elimination Of Visual Field Outliers From Progression Slopes Enhances VFI Prediction Accuracy Atrium – Second FloorYocheved S Kresch OD MS PO078: Identifying Glaucoma Damage In Eyes Suspected Of Having The Disease: A Comparison Of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer And Minimum Rim Width Measurements Atrium – Second FloorBrian Stagg MD PO079: Selenium Compounds Attached To Cellulose Sponge Matrix Inhibit Fibrosis After Glaucoma Surgery In Rabbits Atrium – Second FloorMisty D Ruppert BS BA PO080: Quantification Of Episcleral Venous Erythrocyte Flow Using Anterior Segment Erythrocyte Mediated Angiography Atrium – Second FloorLakyn Mayo BSE PO081: Relationships Between Patient-Reported Outcomes And Findings On Visual Acuity Testing, Perimetry, And Optical Coherence Tomography For Patients With Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorLorraine M Provencher MD PO082: Precision Medicine Pipeline In Glaucoma With Combinatorial Variant Modeling Atrium – Second FloorNancy Buchser MD PO083: Does The Suprachoroid Microstent Migrate Post-Implantation? A Goniophotographic Assessment Atrium – Second FloorShakeel Shareef MD PO084: Focal Perfusion Loss Detection In Glaucoma Using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Atrium – Second FloorAiyin Chen MD PO085: Characterization Of Vascular Cell Receptors That Regulate Blood Perfusion Of The Mouse Retina Atrium – Second FloorArmando L Garcia MD MS PO086: Systemic Hypertension And Glaucomatous Visual Field Progression: The African Descent And Glaucoma Evaluation Study (ADAGES) Atrium – Second FloorIsao Anzai BA PO087: Glaucoma Screening Using An Ipad-Based Visual Field Test: A Feasibility Study Atrium – Second FloorJamie Prince MPH PO088: Logistic Regression Analysis Of Baseline Patient Characteristics Predicting IOP Control Up To 24 Months After A Single Administration Of Bimatoprost SR Atrium – Second FloorIqbal K Ahmed MD PO089: Investigating The Prevalence And Risk Factors For The Failure Of Glaucoma Surgery Using Electronic Health Records: A Big Data Approach Atrium – Second FloorKrishna P Shanmugam MD PO090: Preclinical Evaluation Of NCX 4251, A Novel Steroid Therapy For Blepharitis, Targeted Directly To The Eyelid Margin To Reduce The Potential For IOP Elevations Atrium – Second FloorRobert D Fechtner MD PO091: Short- And Long-Term Variability On Standard Perimetry And Optical Coherence Tomography Atrium – Second FloorCarla N Urata MD PO092: Ability Of Localized Defects In OCT To Discriminate Normal Tension Glaucoma From Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorMaria Jesus Chaves Samaniego MD MS PO093: Rates Of Structural And Functional Change In Glaucoma Subjects With Apparently Well-Controlled Intraocular Pressure Atrium – Second FloorEduardo B Mariottoni MD PO094: Recommendations From Medical Marijuana Dispensaries About Marijuana Use For Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorJordan Stanley MD PO095: Retinal Metabolic Analysis Of Macula After Glaucoma Drainage Device Implantation. Atrium – Second FloorEileen Choudhury MD Poster Viewing: Basic & Clinical Science (51-95) Atrium – Second Floor