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Saturday, March 16

7:00am PDT

Poster Presentation Session: Clinical Research (96-144) Atrium – Second Floor PO096: Perceived Stress In Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorJessica C Lee BA PO097: Adherence Of Surgical Trials To WGA Guidelines In The Era Of MIGS Atrium – Second FloorDavid J Mathew MBBS MD PO098: IOP, BP, And Choroid Atrium – Second FloorBetty L Tong BS PO099: Predictive Factors For Outcomes Of Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty Atrium – Second FloorMatthew T Hirabayashi BS PO100: Long-Term Functional Outcomes Of Trabeculectomy Revision Surgery Atrium – Second FloorNur Cardakli BS PO101: A Randomised Controlled Trial To Determine The Effect Of A Punctal Plug On Ocular Surface Disease In Patients Using Topical Prostaglandin Analogues Atrium – Second FloorGokulan Ratnarajan MBBS FRCOphth MD PO102: Pattern Electroretinogram Correlates With Optic Nerve Head Morphology In Preperimetric Glaucoma Patients Atrium – Second FloorAndrew Tirsi MD PO103: Automating Continuous Practice Improvement: An Assessment Of Clinic Policy Change On Patient Wait Time Atrium – Second FloorRoman I Krivochenitser MD PO104: Use Of Topical Intraocular Pressure Lowering Medications In The United States Population: Results From The Nhanes Study 1999-2014 Atrium – Second FloorEugene Lowry MD PO105: Microvasculature Of The Optic Nerve Head And Peripapillary Region In Primary Open Angle Glaucoma And Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma. Atrium – Second FloorRafaella Nascimento e Silva MD PO106: Investigating Corneal Decompensation In Patients With Glaucoma Drainage Devices Atrium – Second FloorCatherine G Knier BS PO107: Short-Term Changes In Corneal Endothelial Cell Density After Glaucoma Drainage Device Atrium – Second FloorYael Azses MD PO108: Wipe-Out: A Thing Of The Past, Or Does It Still Exist? Atrium – Second FloorNancy Worley MS PO109: Relationship Of Glaucoma Severity And Medical Treatment Compliance With Depression Atrium – Second FloorJorge Eduardo Gamiochipi Arjona MD PO110: Two Meta-Analyses On The Outcomes Of Sequential Glaucoma Drainage Implantation Vs. Cyclophotocoagulation. Atrium – Second FloorDan D Yoon MD PO111: The Real-World Experiences Of Netarsudil 0.02% Ophthalmic Solution As Adjunctive Therapy For Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorAmy Mehta MD PO112: Priorities And Treatment Preferences Among Surgery-Naive Patients With Moderate-To-Severe Open-Angle Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorAmanda K Bicket MD PO113: The Relationship Between Glaucoma Medication Adherence And Vision-Related Quality Of Life Atrium – Second FloorJuno Cho BA PO114: Prediction Of Netarsudil's Effect In Eyes That Have Undergone Prior Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty Atrium – Second FloorMichael M Lin MD PO115: Influences Of Clinical Information On Surgical Preferences When Surgeons Adopt The Role Of A Patient Atrium – Second FloorAnn V Quan MD PO116: Psychological Correlates Of Glaucoma Medication Adherence Atrium – Second FloorMariam Salman BA PO117: Dark Adaptation Survey As A Predictive Tool For Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorPaul R Cotran MD PO118: Comparing The Trabecular Outflow By Response To Topical Pilocarpine In Glaucoma Patients With And Without Filtering Surgeries Atrium – Second FloorMelih Ustaoglu MD PO119: Clinical Outcomes Of Micropulse Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation On Patients With History Of Keratoplasty Atrium – Second FloorVivian Vu BA PO120: Ocular Findings In Glaucomatous Eyes With Peripapillary Retinoschisis Atrium – Second FloorRonit Nesher MD PO121: Tele-Ophthalmology In Glaucoma-Revolutionising Healthcare Atrium – Second FloorMei-Ling Cheng BSc MSc MBBS FRCOphth PO122: Intraocular Pressure In Response To Conversion From Bevacizumab Or Ranibizumab To Aflibercept In Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration Atrium – Second FloorAmer M Alwreikat MD PO123: Assessment Of Vessel Density During Water Drinking Test By Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Atrium – Second FloorRafaella C Penteado MD PO124: Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy: A New Definition Atrium – Second FloorJayant V Iyer MD PO125: The Effects Of Hypotension And Steep Trendelenburg Positioning On Visual Field Testing Atrium – Second FloorKristen Ann Mendoza MD PO126: Reaching Out To Family Members Using Motivational Counseling Atrium – Second FloorJaehong Han MD PO127: Is The Higher Prevalence Of Glaucoma In Patients With Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders Explained By White Matter Loss? Atrium – Second FloorOsamah Saeedi MD PO128: The Real-World Experiences Of Latanoprostene Bunod 0.024% Ophthalmic Solution As An Adjunctive Therapy For Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorShalini Sood-Mendiratta MD PO129: The Effect Of Anticoagulants And Surgeon Factors On Hyphema Formation And Outcomes Of Laser Peripheral Iridotomy Atrium – Second FloorAria Ghahramani BA PO130: Glaucomap - Distribution Of Glaucoma Surgical Procedures In The United States In 2017 Atrium – Second FloorAnthony K Ma MS PO131: Teleglaucoma Initiative At The VA: Pilot Safety Data And Early Experience Atrium – Second FloorJulia Polat PO132: Refractive Outcomes Among Glaucoma Patients Undergoing Phacoemulsification Cataract Extraction With And Without Kahook Dual Blade Goniotomy Atrium – Second FloorCara E Capitena Young MD PO133: Medicare Part B Utilization Trend For Glaucoma Surgeries Atrium – Second FloorJun Hui Lee BA PO134: Correlation Between Anterior Segment OCT And Novel 360O Angle Imaging Atrium – Second FloorXin Yang MD PhD PO135: Macular GCIPL Loss Precedes Peripapillary RNFL Loss In Glaucoma With Lower Intraocular Pressure Atrium – Second FloorNicholas H Andrew MBBS PO136: Machine Learning Algorithm For Visual Field Analysis: Creation And Testing Of A Trainable Model Atrium – Second FloorMohamed S Sayed MD PO137: Relationship Of Regional Macular Vessel Density And Visual Field Sensitivity In Advanced Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Eyes Atrium – Second FloorElham Ghahari MD PO138: Response Profile Of Latanoprostene Bunod (LPB) In Open Angle Glaucoma.   Atrium – Second FloorAhmad Najafi MD PO139: Analysis Of Wide-Field Macular OCT Angiography With Euclidian Distance Measurement Helps Visualize Vascular Deficits In Glaucoma Eyes Atrium – Second FloorDiogo F Muller MD PO140: Long Term Outcomes In Sturge Weber Syndrome With Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorNitika Arora MD PO141: Glaucoma Photoscreening Study (GPS): Improving Glaucoma Screening Specificity By Seeking Advanced Glaucoma Atrium – Second FloorEva DeVience MD PO142: Response Profile Of Netarsudil In Open Angle Glaucoma (OAG). Atrium – Second FloorErica Jacobs BS PO143: The Association Of An Upper Extremity Functional Survey And Glaucoma Medication Administration Success Atrium – Second FloorKelly W Muir MD PO144: Imaging Optic Nerve Head Blood Flow Using A Portable Laser Speckle Contrast Imager - Repeatability Analysis In A Pilot Study Atrium – Second FloorGinger Thompson MD Poster Viewing: Clinical Research (96-144) Atrium – Second Floor